Moving isn’t something you can decide on a whim and plan in a hurry. If you are moving an entire home, you will have many things to wrap, pack and put into boxes. You must start the planning process months in advance to ensure that everything moves smoothly.

It’s very common for people to plan their move during summer or springtime and there are several reasons for this- the weather seems more conducive, and children are on a school break, so things are a little less hectic.

But when you begin to call moving companies, you will find that most are booked to the hilt. You may find it almost impossible to get a booking for the day or week you want. Sometimes, this can happen even if you check months in advance, and this can be incredibly frustrating.

Why you should Move During Wintertime

The better option is to move during winter. Most don’t even consider this, but there are many benefits to doing so. Here, the experts from Doctor Move Transports tell you why moving in winter can be an excellent decision.

1. More Cost-Effective

Once you’ve found your new home and paid all the extra expenses, you will surely want to save money in every other avenue you can, and this includes moving. The good news is that moving costs tend to drop during the winter months. This is because fewer people move during this time; companies reduce their prices to attract customers, and this can benefit you. If you had been planning on saving on hiring professionals for packing, you could now consider opting for this service along with the transportation as the costs will be far lower. That is a dual benefit for you.

2. Get the Required Pick-Up and Furniture Delivery Dates

Since everyone is moving during summer, most moving companies struggle to accommodate all customers into their schedules. If you do not plan well in advance, you may not get a booking for the dates you want. During wintertime, on the other hand, their booking slots are open, and the companies can accommodate your desired moving schedule; sometimes, they can do this unsurprisingly short notice too.

Attempting to haul all your belongings in and out of storage can be incredibly challenging as several tenants will be doing the same thing during that time. You’d have to manoeuvre past various moving trucks which isn’t a picnic either. But when you choose to move in winter, there won’t be so many people vying for the removalists’ attention. It means you will have the freedom and flexibility to schedule your move as per your convenience, sometimes even at the very last minute.

3. Special Attention and Extra Time from Your Removalists

When there is a drop in the number of customers, removalists can spend more time on the clients they have. A professional removalist company will always treat you correctly and will pay attention and give you time, even under normal circumstances. However, it’s easier for them to do so when they aren’t struggling with back-to-back moves. If you prefer a more personal touch, moving during wintertime might be the perfect solution for you.

4. Better Weather

The summer temperatures can be scorching. While it can be incredibly uncomfortable to move during this time, the temperatures inside the moving truck or even your car trunk can be even higher than they are outside. The heat can ruin many of your belongings like oil paintings, records, décor pieces, unique scented candles, designer soaps, perishable food items and more.

However, if you move during winter, you may find yourself grateful for those colder temperatures. If you plan well, move and store things during winter, it will significantly reduce the risk of many of your belongings being damaged due to overheating. Storage units that aren’t temperature-controlled and moving trucks stay quite cool during winter.

5. Settling In Is Much Easier

When you move during the colder season, you can settle into your new home very comfortably. Because winter is a more quiet season for most, you can unpack, place everything in the rooms, decorate and have some time on hand to learn more about the new neighbourhood much faster. By the time summer sets in, you are ready for various outdoor activities. Your new routine and your home will all be sorted out well by that time.

Hiring professionals like us for your move makes a lot of sense and winter is the right time to relocate. We offer you excellent all-round packing, storage and transport services and handle every move with care. We are here to take all the strain and burden off your shoulders, literally!!

If you are looking for a reliable and reputable removalist in Canberra, Doctor Move Transports is just a phone call away. Please call us at 1300 590 933 or request a free quote through this online form and we will respond right away.

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