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faq-location What areas do you service? faq-location

Doctor Move is based in the ACT Canberra.  We serve relocations in our Capital Canberra and the vibrant Sydney and areas around. For more information, you can contact our 1300 590 933 or via enquire@doctormove.com.au.

clock What are your office hours? clock

Our main office is open Monday to Friday from 7am in the morning until 6pm. Saturday form 8am until 6pm. On Sundays we are open form 8am until 2pm.

clock What happens if I need to cancel? clock

Appointments that are cancelled before 24 hours of the schedule arrival time will be free of charge and your deposit (If you have been required) will be fully refunded. However, if it exceeds the time period given, your deposit will be forfeited. In case you haven’t provided any deposit, the minimum quoted will be charged. We do 2 different types of minimum such as 1 and 2 hours minimum.

clock What time can you start? clock

We have a few general time slots in the day: either first thing in the morning starting from 7:00am-7:30am / 8:00am-8:30am / 9:00am-9:30am / 10:00am-10:30am / 11:00am-1:00pm / 1:00pm-3:00pm / 3:00-5:00pm. They’re all to be confirmed and as an estimation, since a job prior yours can take longer than expected. If the mover is going to be late, they will call and let you know for the time isn’t always fixed.

clock How long will the move take? clock

The actual time that a move will take isn’t calculable since unexpected things might happen, access differ and the size of the inventory. But this is just an estimate time that usually works well.

(Note: In Canberra these times are relatively different, taking a little less time than in Sydney, due traffic and access.)

  • 1 bedroom unit/house: 2-4 hours
  • 2 bedroom unit/house: 4-6 hours
  • 3 bedroom unit/house: 5-7 hours
  • 4 bedroom unit/house: 7-10 hours

truck What size are your trucks? truck

We have various truck sizes and carry up to 10 tons. We will assign the most suitable truck based on the information of your belongings that we will receive from you. But if you think that larger trucks are better, it isn’t always true. It’s true that larger trucks will reduce the number of vehicles used, but it will decrease the moving speed. But these things can be discussed over the phone or during the appointment with our onsite estimator.

msg I have a complaint, what should I do? msg

Doctor Move is very confident in serving our customers with great care. We always make sure to offer a friendly and professional moving experience, but if you feel like something didn’t meet your expectations or something went wrong, you can kindly call our main office from Monday – Friday and our claim team will support your case in the best way possible. Please make sure to have your feedback written on the invoice onsite, so we can have this a relevant proof, to start lodging your claim. Other types of evidences might also be required.

How is the pricing system?

We are a cost-effective moving company and we make sure our price range is affordable. For local moves, we have a few hourly rates that can suit your position and situation. It will vary with the number of team members plus the size of the truck (s).

weight Do you move heavy items over 100kg? weight

Yes, we do, but please do tell us over the phone if you have extremely heavy belongings to pack so we can set some preparations.

pet I have a pet, what should I do? pet

Although moving can be exciting and enjoyable, it can also be stressful and tiring. This applies to your pet as well, so it’s better if you arrange a pet sitter to look after them on this big day.


If you have a piano, we can easily help you with it. However, it’s extremely important to know further details from the access and the type of piano you have, so then we can check our availability, capability and give you the right quote.

Items not allowed from Doctor Move teams to take:

Some items can be easily transported from our teams. However, some other items can be putting in higher risks for both yourself and the team. Such gas bottles and water tanks.

Do I need to empty my furniture, pot plants and the fridge?

Cases are different in each situation. Our recommendation is to always have as empty as possible so it can make the job safer and easier on the day. It will not reduce the weights but the risks hen transporting your special piece of furniture full of contents.

How do I pack?

Start by your boxes. Box up AS MUCH as possible, so it will be an enormous help for the team on the day to pack quicker and most important, safer. It will also optimize the space into the truck, since boxes are very easy to stack on top of another, different from bags or any out of shape packing.

Don’t forget that we can supply all your packing materials, at your door and collect them afterwards.

It’s time to get moving

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